Comfort Index

To assist fabric manufacturers in enhancing their products, such as technical fabrics, Centrocot has developed specific tests to assess the level of well-being of textiles with its knowledge and expertise.
This comfort index is estimated based on the end use of the garment (e.g. for firefighters, trekkers, swimmers, pilots, etc.).
The most involved sectors are:
Personal protective equipment (PPE) and work clothes; sportswear; underwear.
Obviously, the requirements for a fabric used for work trousers are different from those for a fabric used for a running shirt.
For this reason, it is crucial that all elements are taken into account for the evaluation of textile comfort, the set of tests and the related requirements are established based on the construction layer, the final use of the product and the climatic condition of use.
Thermo-physiological and sensory comfort are the main factors taken into account for the evaluation of the comfort index, with references to ergonomic and protective properties if necessary.
Psychological aspects are excluded, as they are not qualitatively and quantitatively measurable.
The textile comfort index is calculated taking into account two main contributions:
Thermophysiological contribution (ICT)
Sensory contribution (ICS)