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This policy aims to explain how cookies and similar technologies installed or, in any case, present on the domain (hereinafter “Website”) function.

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For information or requests about the use of the cookies and similar tracking technologies on the Website, the user can contact the Company by certified e-mail at or by letter sent to the Company by registered mail.



Cookies are small text files that the websites visited by the user send to his/her electronic device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), where they are stored and then transmitted back to websites when the same user visits the website again. Thanks to cookies, the website remembers the user’s activities and preferences (such as login data, language chosen, font size and other settings) so that these do not have to be selected again if the user returns to the website or navigates from one page to another within the same website.

Several types of cookies exist.

Cookies can be installed by the website visited by the user (first party cookies) or by other websites (third party cookies). This happens because there may be elements on the website (images, maps, sounds, links to web pages of other domains, etc.) hosted on servers other than the one visited. Depending on the purpose, cookies can be divided into two large macro-categories: technical cookies and profiling cookies.

Technical cookies are those used for the sole purpose of transmitting a communication on an electronic communication network or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service expressly requested by the subscriber or by you to offer this service. These, therefore, are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the website visited. Specifically, these cookies can permit normal navigation and use of the website and navigation depending on a series of criteria selected with the aim of improving the service rendered. The prior consent of the user is not required for the installation of these cookies.

Analytical cookies are then assimilated to the technical cookies where they are used directly by the website manager to gather aggregate information about the number of users and how they visit the website. These cookies allow the website manager to understand how users interact with the content of the website in order to optimise the services.

Instead, profiling cookies have the aim of creating profiles of the user and are used to send advertising messages based on the preferences expressed by the same user during navigation. The prior consent of the user is required for the installation of this type of cookie.

Finally, based on their duration, cookies can be either persistent, that remain stored on the user’s device until they expire unless removed by the user, or session, that vanish when the browser is closed and, therefore, have a limited duration.



The Website uses:

– navigation technical cookies (first party) to allow the user to navigate the Website and use its basic functions;

– analytical cookies (first party) to gather information about how the Website is used and to process statistical analyses. The Website uses the service provided by Matomo Analytics that does not allow identification of the user; indeed, the data are gathered and processed in a completely aggregate and anonymous form;

– profiling cookies (first party) to record the preferences expressed by the user while navigating the Website and thus create profiles that allow the transmission of messages that best suit the user’s preferences and interests.


The user’s consent is required only to install profiling cookies.

The characteristics of the cookies mentioned above are described in more detail in the table below.


Name of the cookie Type of cookie Purpose Storage period Other information and links to the policies
__wpdm_client First party technical cookie

to synchronise the website with the CMS, and update the website



First party technical cookie

to determine the language preferred by the user and allow the website to set and store it for subsequent accesses by the same user

1 year


First party analytical cookie


to gather statistics about accesses to the website (number of accesses, average time spent on the website and type of pages visited)

1 year

First party analytical cookie

to track the user’s page requests during the navigation session

1 day
_ hustle_module_show_count-popup-1

First party profiling cookie

Popup system on the website 29 days

First party technical cookie

image optimisation system



There are also share buttons on the Website to allow content to be shared on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) that could gather third party cookies installed by them. The Website does not share any information with these widgets. For more information see the respective regulations: Privacy FacebookPrivacy Instagram.

Finally, this Website could contain links or information about access to other websites. The Company is not able to control the cookies and/or monitoring technologies of other websites, to which this policy does not apply.


At the time of first access to any page of the Website, there is a banner that contains a summary policy regarding the cookies present on the Website. By clicking on the “Accept all cookies” button, the user agrees to the installation of all the cookies present on the Website: by clicking on the “Accept only technical cookies” button, the user continues to navigate in the absence of cookies other than the technical ones for which it is not necessary to give consent; instead, by clicking on the “Find out more and personalise” button, the user can express and save their preference for each type of cookie present on the Website. These choices are stored and recorded by means of a specific “technical cookie” that allows the user to directly access the Website – in the case of subsequent visits – without having to give their consent to the use of these cookies again.

In any case, the user is always able to modify and manage the preferences expressed regarding the cookies, blocking their installation or withdrawing the consent initially given by clicking on the “Manage Cookies” button present in the footer on each page of the Website. Using this button, the user can verify the status of activity or inactivity of each type of cookie present on the Website and manage the relative authorisations. The user can also obtain information and find out how to disable third party cookies by clicking on the links in the “more information and links to the policies and consent forms of third parties”, in the table below,


The user can disable, enable or delete the cookies at any time also through web browser’s settings. That said, the procedures of the main browsers are indicated below:

Note that this operation may result in some functions of the Website not performing correctly.


More information and details about the various types of cookies, their functioning and characteristics can be found on the following websites (independent and freely accessible): and Refer to the Privacy Policy for information about the processing of personal data by the Company.


Latest update 30 November 2022



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