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At Centrocot the courses for technical professions in the textile sector

The Italian Fashion Textile Clothing represents one of the strategic sectors of the “Made in Italy” with more than 45 thousand companies, 400 thousand employees and a turnover strongly oriented to exports.
The sector is facing important changes and new skills are needed to develop and design new products that can also meet the new requirements of sustainability and circular economy.
In response to these needs, Fashion Academy ITS COSMO plays an important role: with its 20 courses “ITS – Istituti Tecnici Superiori” and “IFTS – Istruzione Formazione Tecnica Superiore”, it presents the widest post-diploma training offer dedicated to the Fashion Textile sector at national level.
Particularly requested by companies are the technical professionals who operate within the entire supply chain, from the raw material to the realization of materials and products that meet the needs of the market.


An example are the courses that ITS COSMO offers at Centrocot. The objective is to train technicians with specific skills related to materials, technologies and design of products in compliance with regulations and standards also oriented to sustainable innovation and circular economy. Companies need technicians in many areas, so there are possible job opportunities: Research and Development, Industrialization and process control, Quality Control Laboratory, purchasing of materials and semi-finished products, commercial, marketing and sales.


A FREE ANNUAL COURSE (for young people up to 29 years old)
The training offer at Centrocot includes first of all the annual IFTS course – “Textile Innovation & New Materials”, now in its sixth edition, which will be launched on November 3. The course is free of charge as it is part of the initiatives promoted by the Operational Program of the Lombardy Region co-financed by the European Social Fund. The course is unique in its kind and counts among its partners ISIS C. Facchinetti, IISS G. Torno and the UNIC Lineapelle group. The course lasts 1000 hours, 450 of which are dedicated to internships in companies, and provides an overview of the entire sector, delving into strategic themes such as the Circular Economy and recycling technologies, innovative multi-sector applications and the study of new trends, including Eco-Design.
The new edition also allows participants to acquire certifications that are particularly attractive to companies; one example is ZDHC’s Chemical Management System (, which provides insight into how companies are safely managing chemicals.

AN EXPANDING TRAINING OFFER (for all those who want to get back into the game)
The training offer could soon be enriched with the new two-year course “Technology Sustainability Manager” presented to the Lombardy Region as part of the new notice reserved for ITS. If approved, it will consist of 2,000 hours of training, 800 of which are dedicated to internships, which will allow participants to join companies contributing to the sustainable development of products and processes.

For more information and registration, please visit the Centrocot and ITS Cosmo Foundation websites and contact Centrocot Training Area:
Sara Merlo, Training Area,, +39 0331 696791

Author: Enrico Gedi

Centrocot Training Dept.