An opportunity for companies: the internships of Centrocot’s courses


In June the internships foreseen by the IFTS Cosmo - Textile innovation and New Materials course, currently active at Centrocot, will be launched.

In this particular year, Centrocot’s training for young unemployed people has been proposed in an almost unprecedented form. After the first experiences of distance learning, implemented last year during the emergency, this year the IFTS Cosmo – Textile innovation and New Materials course has been structured mainly online, providing, when possible, in-person meetings for laboratory experiences.
In June, the course will get into full swing, bringing the 22 participants into direct contact with companies in the Textile Clothing Fashion sector, with the start of the internships.
Within the course, the main topics related to the processes of the textile chain have been addressed, from materials to technologies and have found ample space dedicated to sustainability, certifications and prospects for innovation. A part of the lessons was dedicated to English and technical English and the participants were able to learn about ZDHC topics related to the management of chemical products, obtaining the certification of skills.
Since these internships are part of a training program, they are activities that do not have a cost for the host companies, but they are an opportunity to meet qualified young people and at the same time for them an opportunity to make themselves known by applying what they learned during the classroom, both the virtual online and the real one.
Preparing for the recovery of the industry after the pandemic requires new skills, we ask interested companies to take this opportunity and contact Centrocot Training Area for more information, contacting Sara Merlo 0331 696791

Author: Enrico Gedi

Training Dept.