GTIN and GLN code: from 2021 Russia will also officially adopt them


As of 2021, GTIN and GLN Codes will become mandatory in Russia for certain types of products.

Among the various innovations introduced in 2021 at the level of control, conformity and safety of products within the territory of the Russian Federation, one of the most important is and will be the need to equip products, and consequently their certificates of conformity (Certificates or Declarations), with GTIN and GLN codes.

Both are part of the GS1 macrosystem and have the function of allowing precise and well-defined traceability of products by end-users and consumers,

The GLN (Global Location Number) code allows for the unambiguous identification of physical locations (warehouses, shops, legal offices, operational offices) and consists of 13 digits (the first 9 identify the company that owns the brand, the next 3 identify the location for which the code is issued and the last digit is a control number).

The GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) code, on the other hand, allows for the unambiguous identification of products; its length may vary depending on the type of item to be encoded (although it usually includes: the first 9 digits to identify the company that owns the brand, three digits to constitute the product code and one digit as a control number).

With regard to Declarations and Certificates of Conformity, these codes become an integral part of the package of documents and information necessary and mandatory to proceed with their issue.

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation made official the adoption of Ordinance No. 877 of 30 December by which the inclusion of GLN and GTIN Codes for the registration of Declarations of Conformity is postponed and made optional for a well-defined period.

This ordinance also officially mentions for the first time GS1 as an internationally recognised organisation for issuing and obtaining Declarations of Conformity, in fact designating it as the only entity authorised for this purpose (in full alignment in this case with the international system).

This long-awaited postponement allows EAC Declarations to continue to be registered without having to quote the GTIN and GLN codes. But beware, as of 1 July 2021, exporting companies will have to be ready.

Centrocot, for the activities necessary to obtain the EAC Certification, collaborates with the company QSA of Genova

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Author: Patrizia Lombardini

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