ISO 3758-2023 Textiles: Care labelling code using symbols


On December 6th 2023, ISO released Version 4 of ISO 3758.This new method replaces the previous Version 3 from 2012

The variety of fibres, materials and finishes used in the production of textile articles, together with the development of cleansing and care procedures, makes it difficult and often impossible to decide on the appropriate cleansing and care treatment for each article simply by inspecting it.

To help those who have to make such a decision (principally the consumer but also launderers and dry cleaners), this code of graphic symbols was established, based on the International Association for Textile Care Labelling (GINETEX) care labelling system, for use in the permanent marking of textile articles with
information on their care in use as an International Standard in 1991. In certain countries, GINETEX has the intellectual property right of the five main symbols specified in this document.

The revision was necessary to reflect current cleansing practices including technical developments and to introduce new alternative solvents for dry cleaning. Furthermore, modifications in the description of care processes have been introduced in order to avoid hindering process development.

The 2023 edition supersedes and replaces the 2012 edition.

ISO 3758 focuses on the care labeling of textile products. The new update, ISO 3758:2023, introduces notable changes and improvements to its predecessor including the addition of new symbols and terminology, aiming to offer consumers clearer and more concise information. The objective is to enhance understanding and facilitate better care practices for textile products.

The main changes are as follow:

— Some exemptions have been introduced into the Scope;
— a new symbol has been introduced for wash by hand at ambient temperature;
— a new symbol has been introduced for ironing without steam;
— new solvents have been introduced ;
— graphical changes have been introduced in symbols of wash by hand, do not     wash, do not bleach  and do not iron , in order to align them to the GINETEX ones;
— three alternative examples of use of symbols have been introduced;
— a new Annex D, “Adaptation of registered graphical symbols for use in practice”, has been added.

The Standard establishes a set of graphic symbols designed for marking textile articles, providing information on the most severe treatments that will not cause irreversible damage during the textile care process. It further outlines the utilization of these symbols in care labeling.

The technicians of Centrocot’s International Technical Area can support companies in better managing the maintenance information of textile products.


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