The Chamber of Commerce announces the arrival of a new software for Certificates of Origin


News coming for the issuance of Certificates of Origin and documents for the export of goods: from March 2021 a new online platform that aims to eliminate the use of forms to optimize costs and time.

The Chamber of Commerce of Varese, like the entire chamber system, will adopt from March 1 2021 a new software for requests of certificates of origin and other documents required for foreign countries; the Cert’ò platform aims to streamline procedures for the release of documents and certificates, reducing time and costs for applicants.


The certificate of origin is a document that attests the origin of the goods, that is the place where the goods were produced or underwent the last substantial transformation, and accompanies the products exported permanently to non-EU countries or even EU if the importer expressly requests it.


The transition to the new platform, which takes place in continuity with the recently introduced in-company printing mode, will in fact allow companies to print certificates of origin on a blank sheet of paper and transmit them digitally to the client, thus eliminating forms.

The arrival of the new platform, however, will not see the disappearance of the SpeedyCO or WEBCO software (owned by the company IBS S.a.s.), which will remain available to companies that wish to continue using them as an interface to the new Cert’ò program, by entering into a separate contract with the company IBS S.a.s.


In order to provide the necessary information for the use of the new Cert’ò platform, training sessions will be held starting in February and detailed instructions will be made available on the Chamber of Commerce website to facilitate its use.


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Author: Editorial staff