U.S. FTC maintains maintenance labeling requirement for apparel


In July 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted in an open Commission meeting to retain labeling rules for apparel and certain textile products.

The U.S. Care Labeling Rule has been in effect since 1971 and requires manufacturers and importers to affix labels to clothing and certain textile products providing clear and accurate care instructions, including dry cleaning or wet cleaning, bleaching, drying, and ironing. In July 2020, the Commission had voted to propose repeal of this consumer protection rule and requested comment on the proposal. The FTC received over 200 comments, with an overwhelming majority opposed to repealing the rule.

According to the FTC, many individuals and small businesses opposed the repeal, pointing out that consumers also rely on labels for information to extend the life cycle of their clothes. The Commission also noted that the apparel manufacturing and washing/maintenance industries pointed out that removing the labels would increase the likelihood that their consumers’ items would be damaged during cleaning, exposing them to unnecessary liability.

The FTC will periodically review the Care Labeling Rule to ensure that the rule is keeping pace with new developments, providing consumers with relevant information, and will continue to monitor any opportunities to improve the requirements for the benefit of U.S. consumers and businesses.

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Author: Barbara Albertini

Centrocot International Technical Dept.