Sweden repeals proposed taxation on clothing and footwear chemicals


The Swedish government has announced that its proposed taxation on clothing and footwear chemicals has been repealed.

The Swedish government planned to introduce a tax on chemicals in clothing and footwear products in April 2021. Due to the pandemic, implementation was postponed until January 2022. Recently, the Swedish government announced that the proposal would be abandoned and would not be introduced on January 1, 2022 due to some practical difficulties in its introduction. Changing customs rules in Sweden have created difficulties in imposing the tax on private imports from countries outside the EU. The Swedish government also considered it inappropriate to impose a tax in the current economic situation where the apparel and footwear industry is undergoing structural reforms. In addition, new or planned regulations on the hazardous substances covered by the proposal reduced the need for tax collection.
The original tax proposal applied to all clothing and footwear manufactured in or imported into Sweden from abroad. The goal was to phase out hazardous chemicals in order to reduce health problems for consumers exposed to chemicals, reduce environmental impacts during production, washing and waste, and increase the quality of recycled materials.
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Author: Barbara Albertini

Centrocot International Technical Dept.