CoC required by Morocco for clothing products


The list of products requiring a CoC for import into Morocco has been revised. The regulation is already in force but importers of garment fabrics can still bring goods into the country without a CoC until May 7, 2022 (date of arrival of goods in Morocco).

The Moroccan Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC) established a Compliance Verification (VoC) program in 2020 to certify that industrial products imported into the Kingdom of Morocco comply with national regulations for product quality and safety. Depending on the products, verification must take place in the exporting country, before shipment or at destination, upon arrival of the cargo.

In March 2022, the MIC announced new measures and revised the list of products subject to control abroad. This included adding clothing fabrics to the list of products subject to control at origin. Clothing fabrics must comply with the standards of the technical regulation (NM 09.0.000:2018) of Morocco and obtain a certificate of conformity (CoC) before entering the Moroccan market.

The certificate must be presented upon arrival of the goods and is required before the goods can clear customs.

Regarding to industrial products controlled in Morocco, in order to preserve interests economic of importers but also to ensure better consumer protection,

products found to be non-compliant following the first control sampling may be subject to a 2nd control sampling, at the request of the importer.

The second sampling will consist of two samples that must be compliant to the requirements, otherwise the goods will not be authorized placing on the Moroccan market.


The Centrocot technicians of the International Technical Area can support exporting companies for the control of the state of conformity of the goods.

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