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A website and mobile app to shed light on how to care for textiles sustainably and extend their life cycle.

How important are textile product labels to consumers?

The Ginetex Association, with the support of Ipsos, periodically carries out market research in 7 European countries to study purchasing habits and trends in the textile sector. This year’s data speak for themselves: in order to be more sustainable, consumers are willing not only to change their buying habits, but also to modify their post-purchase behavior, and thus the way they take care of their garments. European citizens, in fact, would like labels to contain more information on the eco-compatible characteristics of textile products, in order to better direct their choices.

It is now clear to European consumers that the textile care label is an essential tool for taking care of what they buy; the survey confirms that 71% of them follow the care instructions strictly, while 74% never or rarely buy a garment without a care label. The information on the label, therefore, becomes a valuable means of communicating with customers, a further solution to convey the values of the company and stand out thanks to its efforts in sustainable innovation.

Over the life of a textile product, fabric maintenance accounts for up to 40% of its environmental footprint. Consumers can play a significant role in reducing this impact; preserving the quality of fabrics extends the life of products, which translates into less waste.

In response to the need for clear and accessible information about the sustainability of textile products,, an initiative by the Ginetex Association, was born.

Clevercare offers consumers the opportunity to take care of their textiles in a more sustainable way. Available online in 23 languages, the website offers tips and suggestions to develop the right daily habits for cleaning clothes, respecting the symbols on the care labels.

To help international consumers become familiar with these care symbols and take care of their textiles on a daily basis, Ginetex has developed a mobile application: My Care Label.

Centrocot’s technicians can support customers in learning about ISO 3758 and other standards used in major international markets for textile care labels, as well as in choosing the correct symbols to put on product care labels before distribution.


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Author: Barbara Albertini

International Technical Area