Andean Community labeling regulations (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru).


In April 2019, the Andean Community proposed a Technical Regulation on the Labelling of Finished Textile Products, specifying the minimum information requirements for labels affixed to clothing, accessories and home textile products.

Adopted in May 2021, this proposal entered into force on May 14, 2021. Andean Technical Regulation for
the labelling of textile products (Resolution No. 2109).


The Community now sets the rules for labelling requirements in order to avoid any uses likely to mislead consumers in the Andean Community. According to Article 2, this regulation is applicable to new textile products, marketed in the Andean Community, and intended for consumers.
These textile products will have to indicate, at a minimum, the following information:
On the permanent label: The textile’s composition, with reference to the names of the textile fibers indicated in Annex 3 of the Regulations,
Care instructions (ISO 3758:2012), and conservation instructions, and the country of origin.
On the non-permanent label: the contact details of the manufacturer or importer, and the item’s size or dimensions
In article 5, the Regulations also specify other secondary points.

Andean Community Technical Regulations on Labelling of Finished Textile Products are available in Spanish.

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Author: Barbara Albertini

International Technical Dept.