Centrocot participates in the AFIL Strategic Community on Advanced Polymers

Materials and Products

As part of the European Vanguard initiative, the AFIL Advanced Polymers Strategic Community is developing new solutions, in particular, plastronics and smart composite polymers. The first is to integrate plastics and electronics, the second is for the development of new smart materials. Centrocot joined the initiative to bring its experience into a regional context of development of the plastics supply chain and the possibility of creating a connection between this sector and the textile.

Europe covers about 16% of world production and transformation of plastics, and Lombardy is among the European regions specializing in this sector, producing and transforming 50.7 million tons. In addition, Lombardy also emerges to produce advanced composites and for machinery for processing plastics and composites. For this reason, as part of the European Vanguard initiative, AFIL has created a Strategic Community dedicated to advanced polymers with the main objective of creating a shared document that describes the priorities, technologies and companies/institutions dedicated to the theme of plastronics and intelligent polymer and composite materials. These issues and the ability of companies and organizations are necessary to improve materials and make them more performing also from a circular economy perspective. The shared document will serve to present the capabilities of the companies and entities involved in this area, the development potential and a regional strategy, which will be shared by AFIL with the Lombardy Region. Beyond this, the Strategic Community aims to increase the competitiveness of Lombardy in the sector of intelligent plastics by establishing cross-sectoral networking actions between companies and organizations, developing new transversal supply chains that will thus increase the added value of polymeric and composite materials. These objectives will make it possible to establish new collaborations with national and European stakeholders in the sector, setting up consortiums for participation in funding calls. For this purpose, AFIL has defined a program of periodic meetings between all interested stakeholders, to which Centrocot responded in attendance.

Centrocot’s participation in the initiative will allow it to bring its testing and certification capabilities that can match the theme of the Strategic Community, including microbiological analyzes, MOCA (Food Contact Materials), release of microplastics and biodegradability and, moreover, the possibility of evaluating the sustainability of the product, process and company of these new potential supply chains that will develop, at the service of an emerging sector. Through the potential of the new Multilab area at Malpensa Fiere, the possibility of experimenting and evaluating the recyclability and sustainability of textile/polymeric materials and products and therefore of offering support on this issue on the end of life of these advanced but complex materials from a circular economy perspective. Finally, considering the affinity between the topics covered in the Strategic Community with smart textiles, Centrocot’s participation in this initiative will allow the exploration of new smart technologies and implementation between electronics and plastic materials, which can be applied and translated to the textile world, with the idea of being able to develop a new generation of smart textiles.


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Roberto Vannucci

Head of Multisectoral Research and Innovation

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Daniele Piga, PhD

Multisectoral Research and Innovation

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Author: Daniele Piga

Multisectoral Research And Innovation Dept.