DigiPrime: The Automotive and Textile sector

Materials and Products

In order to make the various industrial supply chains more circular, in particular the automotive sector, it is necessary to make information on materials accessible, particularly when they reach the end of their use. This makes it possible to promote involvement in other applications, where residual characteristics can be very useful. In order to do this, several data sharing IT tools (platforms) are being studied and developed: this is the case of the DigiPrime project which aims to increase the circular efficiency of textile materials in the automotive sector.

The first General Meeting of DigiPrime, a European project aimed at creating a digital platform that allows the creation of new circular economy circuits within the vast automotive sector and beyond, has just ended. The meeting was held in a new “Blend” format: the foreign partners connected via web from their offices, while some Italian partners were present in the boardroom of the Mechanics Department of the Politecnico di Milano, all in full compliance with the anti-Covid-19 regulations.

The meeting was fruitful: it was possible to share the status of the work of all partners, allowing cooperation among project members and allowing important decisions to be taken on the technical specifications of the DigiPrime platform.

Centrocot plays a very important role in the creation of the platform. Thanks to its experience in the textile sector and in the development of digital tools to support the circular economy and industrial symbiosis (M3P Material Match Making Platform, http://www.lifem3p.eu/en/), Centrocot is able to support IT technicians on the implementation of the new platform. In the early stages of development, “User Stories” were written. These “Stories” are not-technical language short sentences, explaining in simple way what the user wants and why. Starting from the User Stories, developers are able to create functional requirements for the software that can satisfy user requirements.

Centrocot also has the mandate to develop one of the six Pilot Cases of the project, specifically in the case of the reuse of textile material from the Automotive sector or the reuse of material from other sectors to be inserted in an innovative way inside the car.

The development of the Pilot Case parallel to the implementation of new digital services will allow to trigger work synergies and the development of new opportunities for end-of-life materials that would otherwise have to be burned or thrown into landfills.

The DigiPrime project is therefore continuing at full capacity despite the limitations imposed by the state of emergency that the whole planet is facing. Work is continuing with a view to creating a digital tool useful in reducing material waste and safeguarding the environment.


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Author: Francesco Dellino

R&D Dept.