REACT at Proposte 2021

Materials and Products

At Proposte 2021, Parà presented the first prototype of recycled acrylic fabric developed by REACT project.

The REACT project, funded by the European Horizon 2020 programme, aims to mechanically recycle acrylic fabrics from the whole life cycle from production to recovery of fabrics for awnings, umbrellas, and furniture at the end of their use. The main problem addressed by the project is the removal of substances on the fabrics. The project is part of the H2020 package on “Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials”. Once the substances have been removed, the acrylic is to be re-spun for the production of new fabrics, with the aim of reintroducing it into the sun protection sector.

The first result of this process was presented by Parà at the Proposte 2021 fair held from 7 September to 9 September 2021. The prototype, a chair with recycled fabric made from acrylic textile waste, was on exhibition at the Parà stand for the entire duration of the fair. During the fair, Dr. Barbara Ferrari, research and development manager of Parà, was interviewed about the project (interview available on the  REACT Project – YouTube).

In the interview, Dr. Ferrari explains the objectives of the project and the involvement of partners in the various phases of awning recycling process. The chair on which the interview takes place is the first success of project, it is covered with a fabric produced by recycling production waste, and this fabric produced respects the performance required by regulations with characteristics very close to those of the fabric obtained from non-recycled fibre, representing tangible proof of the process designed and tested by the REACT consortium.

Obviously for the project this is not an end point but the certainty that the direction is the right one. The next steps will be to experiment with the production of a fabric made from recycled material post-treatment for the removal of finishing, the main objective of REACT. These first results indicate the possibility of creating a new recycled sunscreen fabric that can meet the performance requirements of current legislation with a starting material that would otherwise have to be disposed of, as it is contaminated with substances potentially harmful to health and the environment.

These synergies developed in REACT project make it possible to work on the valorisation of waste materials, to ensure sustainability and the application of the results obtained in the context of the future circular economy.

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Author: Daniele Piga

Centrocot Multisectoral Research and Innovation Dept.