MATE.RIA – Methods and Actions for the Ecological Treatment of Post-consumer Textiles and their Innovative Recycling in Architecture

Materials and Products

The MATE.RIA project sees CENTROCOT, also thanks to its new Multi-Lab laboratory, engaged in studying and evaluating different collection-sorting-recycling scenarios for post-production and post-consumer textile materials.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition, through the MATE.RIA project, has financed industrial research and experimental development activities aimed at promoting eco-design and proper waste management by fostering, in particular the extension of the product life cycle and the development of technologies for the prevention, recovery, and recycling of textile materials.


The overall objective of the MATE.RIA project is to study the basic operating conditions for the recycling and reuse of textile fractions, based on two main strategies

1) the optimisation of already existing processes of re-introduction of textile post-production waste into the relevant supply chains (sectoral circularity);

2) the creation of new post-consumer textile waste recovery processes with the development of building products and furniture components with a high recycled content (intersectoral circularity).


Centrocot will carry out activities inscribed in two main Actions named ‘SEPARA-PREPARA’ (divide and prepare) and ‘RIPESCA’ (dig up). In addition, CENTROCOT will work closely with all partners (Politecnico di Milano, AE.CI Srl, Humana Italia, Frana Polifibre Spa) in the development of methods for the characterisation of textile materials, in order to develop “chemometric” models, and for the treatment and sorting of post-consumer textile materials, by means of optical recognition NIR technology.


At the end of the two years, the MATE.RIA project will also have contributed to two UN Sustainability Goals (SDG Sustainable Development Goals): Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities and Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.


For more information contact:


Ing. Roberto Vannucci, Head of Multisectoral Research and Innovation,

Author: Donatella Macchia

Centrocot Multisectoral Research and Innovation Dept.