Centrocot Training Way: the training offer for the first semester 2021

Organization and Management

Centrocot renews its training offer for the first semester 2021, a rich basket of opportunities for companies, workers and unemployed people.

Centrocot’s catalog is enriched with new opportunities, renewing the offer of evening courses in attendance about the most important aspects of the textile sector continues. There are still some slots available for the course Qualitative control of textile products, starting in February, and for The textile sector: raw materials, cycles and technologies, starting in May 2021.


We propose a cycle of thematic webinars, already held in 2020, and much appreciated by participants:

– the 19/02: Sustainability in the Textile Clothing Fashion Industry: Voluntary and Mandatory Requirements

– the 24/03: EcoDesign: the textile industry and the sustainable revolution of the Circular Economy

– 21 and 28/04: “Organic” in the textile industry: a road to sustainability and innovation.


Once again Centrocot, as an Accredited Training Provider, is going to organise ZDHC courses.

At the moment the ZDHC Academy is making some substantial changes to the structure of the courses, so we will not fail to update you in the coming weeks.


For training aimed at younger people, Centrocot renews the proposal of apprenticeship courses and higher technical education and training – IFTS.

On February 2, the course “Apprenticeship transversal 1st year” will be launched ONLINE, with a second edition scheduled for the month of April (in attendance); with regard to post-diploma/graduate training, instead, on December 3, the fifth edition of the 1,000-hour IFTS COSMO “Textile Innovation & New Materials” course was launched. The course is free of charge, as it is realized within the initiatives of the Regional Operational Program co-financed by the European Social Fund (notice IFTS, Lombardy Region, training year 2020/2021) takes place online and in presence; it involves 23 young unemployed graduates for whom there is a period of curricular internship of 450 hours from June.


For more information about these activities and to register, please contact the Centrocot Training Area.


For further details you can contact:

– Alessandra Milani, Training Area, alessandra.milani@centrocot.it, +39 0331 696788

– Enrico Gedi, Training Area, enrico.gedi@centrocot.it, +39 0331 696789

– Sara Merlo, Training Area, sara.merlo@centrocot.it, +39 0331 696791

Author: Enrico Gedi

Training Dept.