The SAMANTHA project gets to the heart of the matter

Organization and Management

Centrocot hosted virtually the third Transnational Meeting of the European training project SAMANTHA, where the production of materials for e-learning courses on 3D printing was officially started.

In recent weeks the third Transnational Meeting of the SAMANTHA project was held. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the partners met virtually to discuss and define the next operational steps. The partnership defined the contents, and their form, which will be available through the e-learning platform developed by the project. Ample space was devoted to know and understand the tools and possibilities offered by the platform.

The SAMANTHA project aims to support companies in the habitat and tools production sectors in the knowledge of the potential of additive printing and in the training of professionals with specific skills: compared to other existing paths, the result of the project will be a course that will form a T-shaped person, a technician whose skills can be metaphorically represented by a “capital T”: the vertical line represents the set of technical skills related to additive printing, while the horizontal line contains transversal skills such as those related to creativity and innovation, communication and project management. In particular, Centrocot is involved in the development and implementation of technical teaching modules that will deal with the different aspects of additive production in the two areas of reverence of the project. Just to give a few examples, after an introduction outlining the boundaries of additive production, we will investigate what are its applications, the pros and cons of this technology, but also its “exotic” or unusual applications. The properties and performance of the materials used will be investigated, as well as those of emerging and eco-friendly materials, and the flow of the production process will be deepened. There will also be case studies and good practices.

The e-learning courses will be available from November 2021 and will also include mentoring and support actions by technicians who already apply this methodology in their production realities.

For further information please contact:

  • Daniela Nebuloni, Multisectoral Research and Innovation,,
  • Omar Maschi, PhD, Multisectoral Research and Innovation,, +39 0331 696739
  • Enrico Gedi, Training department,, +39 0331 696789

Author: Enrico Gedi

Training Dept.