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Organization and Management

In response to the difficulty of training in presence at this historic moment, Centrocot has decided to embrace the distance learning methodology and launch webinars to easily reach technicians and companies in the Textile Sector and release ``OpenBadge``.

We have all experienced the need to reorganise our daily lives because of the pandemic. Centrocot has been looking for new possibilities to support companies, technicians and companies in the Textile Sector also in training activities.

An example of these new training possibilities was the offer of 3 webinars held between June and September. These covered the topics:

  • sustainability, in particular highlighting the voluntary and mandatory requirements for access to specific certifications,
  • ecodesign, showing how a sustainable revolution is already underway with a view to the Circular Economy,
  • Bio in Textile, both in terms of new materials and the declination of traditional materials, which is difficult.

The main characters of this new experience were Centrocot’s technicians, who daily live the issues of certification and research, and the new e-learning platform of Centrocot, “the building” that hosted the virtual webinar classrooms.

With the last webinar, related to Bio in textiles, Centrocot decided to experiment something new: in addition to the traditional certificate of participation, participants were awarded an OpenBadge, a virtual medal as proof of having followed the seminar meetings.

This experience was certainly positive for the participants but also for Centrocot which added a new arrow to the quiver of its training possibilities.

A webinar proposal for next year is being planned and will be available in the coming months.

For more information or to report on topics to be dealt with in the webinars, please contact us:

Dott. Enrico Gedi, Area Formazione,, +39 0331 69678

Author: Enrico Gedi

Training Dept.