A post-diploma training opportunity: the ITS COSMO Technology Sustainability Manager course

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Centrocot's post-diploma training offer: a chance for young people to become all-round sustainability experts in the textile supply chain.

The Textile-Fashion sector is facing important changes to recover its competitiveness and the pandemic has not slowed down the process that sees the entire supply chain committed to limiting the impact of production and to designing and manufacturing products with high added value that meet the requirements of sustainability and the circular economy. This is also in the face of a regulatory context that, starting with the European Green Deal, defines the drivers of industrial transformation to build a green, circular and digital economy and that frames the textile industry as a ‘resource-intensive priority sector’ subject to a specific action plan. Addressing the skills challenges will be an essential condition to achieve a successful transition of the textile-fashion sector.
This second edition of the course trains the strategic figure of the ‘Technology Sustainability Manager’: a technician who experiences sustainability in all its activities, and who combines knowledge of the entire production chain, traditional textiles and innovative technical textiles with preparation on every aspect of sustainability: from environmental costs to ethical and social aspects, from the entire life cycle of products to the indication of the inputs necessary to activate eco-design processes and measurement of environmental impacts. Awareness of national and international regulatory frameworks, main standards, protocols and product and process certifications is a distinctive element. Partners supporting the initiative include: Sistema Moda Italia – Federazione Tessile Moda, Fondazione del Tessile Italiano, ZDHC – Implementation Hub B.V, UNIVA – Unione Industriali Provincia di Varese, UNIC – Italian Tanneries, Linea Pelle and ISIS C. Facchinetti of Castellanza.
A concrete support that wants to testify the importance of training as one of the strategic levers to support the transition towards sustainable and circular business models: also for this reason part of the course will be delivered in Milan at the headquarters of Fondazione del Tessile Italiano – SMI.
The course will last 2,000 hours, divided into two training years (2022/2023 – 2023/2024); in addition to classroom hours, there will be workshop activities, educational visits to companies, participation in conferences and trade fairs, and direct encounters with specific realities of the supply chain thanks to moments dedicated to testimonials. The main venue for the course is Centrocot, a test laboratory and technological research centre for the Fashion Textile sector, which will provide equipped classrooms and laboratories, coordinating a team of trainers, 97% of whom come from the world of work, thus anchoring the training to real case studies.
The last part of the course is dedicated to internship activities: the 800-hour internship will offer the opportunity to contextualise what has been learnt in the classroom and get to know companies directly.
The course also provides for additional certificates:
certificate of attendance and passing of the “AUDITOR/LEAD AUDITOR of Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:20152 and of Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001: 2015” (40-hour course qualified by AICQ); certificate of attendance and passing examination of “Eco-designer Textile, Clothing and Fashion” (course designed within the Erasmus+ ECOSIGN project, Eco-Innovation, Skills for European Designers, tested by Centrocot and certified by Aicq-Sicev); course of Chemical Management System – Technical Industry Guide of the international protocol ZDHC – Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals for the effective management of chemical substances to protect human health and the environment. The framework is completed by 100 hours dedicated to English language and soft skills (communication, problem solving, team work) that can also be practised during the development of project work: concepts of sustainable and circular products that the students will study technically starting from the needs of companies.
At the end of the course, students who pass the final examinations will be awarded the Higher Technical Diploma with the certification of skills corresponding to level V of the European Qualifications Framework – EQF.
Access to the selections is open to students in possession of
upper secondary education diploma issued by the Ministry of Education, University and Research or equivalent foreign qualification recognised by the Italian State; residence or domicile in the Lombardy Region.

For further information and registration, please visit the Centrocot and ITS Cosmo Foundation websites and contact Centrocot’s Training Area:
Enrico Gedi, Training Area, enrico.gedi@centrocot.it, +39 0331 696789, + 39 345 705 5284

Author: Enrico Gedi

Centrocot Training Dept.