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The first series of webinars for 2021 is coming to an end, the last appointments being on ``Bio in textiles`` and OEKO-TEX® Certification. In addition, the ZDHC course offering will start again in May with the new ``Chemical Management System Technical Industry Guide``.

After the success of the webinars organized during 2020, Centrocot has decided to propose them again for 2021.
The webinars organized for this first training semester are coming to an end. In the first meetings, topics related to sustainability, ecodesign and new ZDHC tools were addressed.


In the coming weeks, the topics featured in our webinars will be:
– The “bio” in textiles: a road to sustainability and innovation, scheduled for the days 21-28/04/2021, is a two-day technical webinar that will address issues related to the meaning of the term “bio” within the entire textile supply chain, not only related to materials but also with respect to processes;
– Sustainability through OEKO-TEX® certifications, scheduled for 23-30/04/2021, is a cycle of two webinars that aims to analyze the main ways of demonstrating sustainability within the textile supply chain, providing companies with a framework to understand the areas of improvement and intervention, from a sustainable perspective, not only product but also process sustainability and supply chain traceability.


The online programming of ZDHC courses also resumes:
1. On 3-4-5/2021 Centrocot is planning to deliver the new ZDHC course “Chemical Management System Technical Industry Guide”. This course, developed by ZDHC, intends to replace the consolidated “Chemical Management in the Textile Industry” by training not only on the aspects of chemical management, but also on the tools that ZDHC actually offers to companies.
2. On 24 and 25/05/2021 the Wastewater Management course is scheduled. This course aims to train on the latest ZDHC wastewater guidelines, including sampling and analysis requirements, currently available wastewater treatment technologies and how to actively act, including the use of the ZDHC wastewater module.

For more information regarding ZDHC webinars and courses, please contact:
Enrico Gedi
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Author: Enrico Gedi

Training Dept.