“Accelerated transition to circular economy in textile sector and contingency pandemic COVID-19”: the final conference of ENTeR project

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The final conference of the ENTeR project will be held on November10th at 10.00 am, to sum up the results achieved and to share the challenges faced, also in the post-COVID-19 economy, with the ultimate goal of moving closer and closer to a circular and sustainable economic model.

The Textile and Clothing sector is an essential pillar of the local economy in all EU regions, The ENTeR (Expert Network for Textile Recycling) project promotes collaboration between textile companies and research and innovation centers in order to reduce the production of textile waste and prevent the consumption of non-renewable resources.

The results achieved over the years are encouraging and the partners of the ENTeR project have organized a conference that aims to be both summary and disclosure of the path taken, but also a window on the loopholes that open thanks to the research done so far.

The conference, in fact, presents the results achieved and evaluates, through the point of view of the parties involved, the different opportunities of the circular economy model compared to the linear one, also considering the recent problems due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Concrete experiences realized by clusters (EU2030) and consortia (ENTeR project) that have developed pilot cases at different levels of circular economy and a plan to implement support actions towards a green and circular economy will also be discussed.

The event will take place online, with free registration, on November 10th at 10.00 am.


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