CE Certification

Personal protective equipments - CE Certification

Regulation EU 2016/425 define PPE as “any device or goods designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or more health and safety hazards”.

The manufacturer or authorized representative in the EU must prepare the necessary technical documentation depending on the category to which the PPE belongs.

Specifically, for category II and III a compliance evaluation procedure must be followed which involves the issue of a CE certification by a Notified Inspection Body and periodic production audits.
Since 1996 Centrocot has been a Notified Inspection Body of the European Commission for the control of protective clothing and gloves for the CE Certification (notification no. 0624).

Field of application of the notification:

  • Equipment providing general body protection (clothing)
  • Equipment providing hand and arm protection
  • Equipment providing protection against cold [ > -50°C ]
  • Equipment providing protection against heat [Heat<100°C], [Heat>100°C and fire]
  • Equipment providing foot, leg and anti-slip protection
  • Protective Equipment against electric shock
  • Protective Equipment against falls from heights
  • Protective Equipment against hand-held chain-saws
  • Protective Equipment against harmful biological agents
  • Protective Equipment against mechanical risks
  • Protective Equipment against substances and mixtures which are hazardous to health
  • Protective Equipment against risks arising from sports activity
  • Protective Equipment against chemical agents
  • Specialized areas of competence: Firemen suits
  • Specialized areas of competence: High visibility clothing
  • Specialized areas of competence: Protective clothing for motorcycle riders

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