Textile Microbiology Laboratory

The Textile Microbiology Laboratory of the Cotton and Clothing Textile Center, born from the European research project BIOBAR “Evaluation of barrier materials for protection against biological hazards” with the aim of developing test methods for the evaluation of barrier properties of garments and fabrics used for the prevention of contamination by infectious agents, is now able to carry out numerous tests for the textile industry mainly intended for the sectors:

  • biomedical: fabrics for operating theatres, facial masks, gauze, medical stockings etc…
  • food: fabrics in contact with food
  • protective: clothing and accessories for protection from biological agents
  • hygienic: industrially washed fabrics and work clothes

The tests relates to the assessment:
– of barrier properties for materials used in the protection of people against infections – of microorganisms, simulating the various types of contact between the tissue and the microorganisms themselves
– antibacterial/antifungal properties for materials intended for all those applications where there is a need for active protection against microorganisms
– bioburden (e.g. before and after washing clothes in industrial laundries, feathers and down)
– the microbiological state of the water.