Leather Hides and Skins Laboratories

Centrocot’s Laboratories for Leather Hides and Skins carry out a comprehensive range of activities: from Physical-Chemical characterization and colour fastness tests to ecotoxicological analysis, to sustainability of products and processes.

Thanks to its know-how and instruments, Centrocot can now offer its services to companies operating in the Clothing, Footwear and small Leatherware products sector, as well as in the Furniture and Automobile one.
Specifically, the Research & Development Area, managed by staff with excellent scientific know-how and multi-sector experience, is able to support companies that intend to expand, diversify and valorize their product range.

Phisycal-Mechanical Tests

Centrocot has a specific laboratory equipped with avant-garde instruments and able to carry out a complete set of analysis in accordance with national and international standards, to analyse physical-mechanical properties of leather  products or similar material.

With these tests it is possible to measure fundamental performance properties such as tensile strength, flex resistance, abrasion, tearing, perforation, seams, cracking of grain, adhesion of the finishing, water resistance, water vapour permeability and impermeability.
The results obtained can be assessed, with reference to voluntary requirements and/or those defined in the sector’s product standards, in order to objectively attest the quality of samples and the compliance with the required technical specifications.

Colour fastness

The dye chemical laboratory is able to assess colour fastness properties to chemical agents, to wear and to maintenance treatment.

There are many factors that can result in colour fading, the main ones being rubbing, both dry and wet, sweat, water drop, light, adverse weather conditions and organic solvents.

Besides the traditional tests, samples can undergo accelerated environmental ageing using special instruments reproducing repeated thermal cycles at controlled humidity, thus simulating the behaviour of leather throughout its entire life cycle.

Ecological Tests

The ecological laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge analysis instruments, is able to guarantee the essential ecotoxicological properties of  leather accessories, footwear and clothing.
The main analysis include: hexavalent chromium, free formaldehyde, azocolourants, pentachlorophenol and tetrachlorophenl, total metals content, extractable metals alkylphenol ethoxylate, pH and related differential index.
Special attention is paid to substances applied as finishes, such as: phthalates, flame retardants, perfluorooctane sulfonates (PFOS and PFOA), based on the experience and know-how of Centrocot’s ecological laboratory.

Health and Environment

Centrocot support companies in the Leather Hides and Skins sector to guarantee user’s safety to attest that no harmful substances are released.
Centrocot also offers the possibility of assessing the environmental impacts of a product or process through LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).