DigiPrime project: digital in support of circular economy

Digital technology plays an important role in our transition to a circular economy, which aims to make optimal use of resources within industries. Investing in innovation is good for environmental protection and also contributes to Europe’s competitiveness.

The EU-funded DigiPrime project aims to develop a digital platform to support the creation of cross-sector circular business models based on data-driven recovery and reuse of functions and materials.

DigiPrime will be validated through several cross-sectoral pilots, further detailed in 20 use cases covering different European industrial sectors (automotive, renewable energy, electronics, textiles, construction), and by further pilots in new sectors, funded through an open call mechanism.


The DigiPrime partnership brings together 36 European organizations representing 6 different European manufacturing sectors, characterized by the necessary expertise, complementarity and critical mass in terms of skills and resources to ensure the achievement of the project objectives and the impact of the project results at European level. It includes 25 companies, 8 research centers and universities from 11 EU countries; the industrial part of the consortium includes 18 SMEs.

Centrocot’s role:

Centrocot operates within the project with a dual role. On the one hand it represents the reference subject for the textile sector with the responsibility to identify and contribute to the development of digital solutions to support a real and efficient circular economy. Thanks, in fact, to its experience gained with the development of the M3P platform, a digital tool to support the circular economy and industrial symbiosis (M3P Material Match Making Platform), Centrocot is able to give support to IT technicians in the implementation of the new platform. Within the Digiprime project, the M3P platform will be connected with other platforms to develop a digital system useful to develop an ecosystem towards the circular economy in the automotive sector and other sectors. As part of the development of digital solutions, Centrocot will be engaged in particular in the creation of a service to support testing and certification of textile and non-textile materials that are part of the pilot activities of DigiPrime.

Secondly, Centrocot coordinates the Textile Pilot Case of the project, which aims to promote the reuse of textile material from the Automotive sector or the reuse of material from other sectors to be inserted in an innovative way inside the car. The main objective of the pilot case is to test the developed digital ecosystem, but also to evaluate the adequacy and robustness of the collected data and to define the processes useful to allow the proper transfer of materials (recycled textiles from/to). The development of the Pilot Case, parallel to the implementation of new digital services, will allow to trigger working synergies and new opportunities for end-of-life materials that would otherwise be destined for destruction.