OEKO-TEX® New Regulations 2021

With more transparency towards a more sustainable future – this is the guiding principle behind OEKO-TEX®’s commitment to a responsible approach by companies and consumers in the world of textiles and leather. This approach is above all the basis for the testing and certification processes of the OEKO-TEX® standards which guarantee safety and sustainability for the companies in the supply chain involved in the production of textile and leather goods as well as for consumers. At the beginning of the year the OEKO-TEX® Association will update the test criteria, limit values and applicable requirements for its range of certifications and labels as usual. All new regulations will come into force, after a transition period, on 1 April 2021.

“OEKO-TEX® aims to provide customers and partners with the best possible services and certifications. For this reason, the test criteria for the OEKO-TEX® standards are updated at least once a year based on new scientific information or legal requirements. A special project in 2021 will be the integration of the environmental footprint (carbon and water footprint) in our MADE IN GREEN label”, explains General Secretary Georg Dieners.

For an overview of the most important changes and innovations you can download the official OEKO-TEX® communication under the link below.