Protection and safety

PPE protect people against risks that can be encountered in the workplace, at home or during leisure time.
At work, they can guarantee what the European Union considers a fundamental right: the right to health and safety in the workplace. This right is guaranteed by the European Union which has defined the essential requirements for health and safety that must be observed by manufacturers and importers of Personal Protective Equipments.
As part of the required tests for the CE marking of protective clothing against heat and flame, Centrocot has set up a new device to determine the resistance of materials to molten metal splashes.
The reference standards are EN ISO 11612 for protective clothing and EN 407 for protective gloves, that recall the test method EN ISO 9185. The aim is to simulate contact with splashes of molten materials on steel workers garments. The tool, unique in Italy, consists of an induction system that is able to reach the melting point of iron (1500 °C) or aluminum (800 °C) just in a few minutes, the metals contained in a crucible melt down and a remote-controlled mechanism rotates the crucible producing casting directly on the specimen. The absence of damage of a PVC film placed under the specimen confirms the passing of the test.