Research and development

Research & Multisectoral Innovation Department aims to support the enterprises in the essential processes of innovation, technological development and management, improving their competitiveness and transforming groundbreaking ideas into real products on the market. Thanks to our research staff with high scientific expertise, Centrocot is able to perform personalized activities offering multi-sectorial services: textile and mechanical engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutics.

Project Development

Centrocot plays an important role of connection between Institutional Research Bodies and Companies. Through continuous linking with International Partners, it promotes local, regional and European research, implements development and animation projects and stimulates innovation.
R&D and Project Departments help companies creating ad hoc partnerships, drafting the project proposal and managing the whole research activities.

Research Activities

Centrocot promotes the innovation of products and the optimization of processes, developing multi-functional textiles to satisfy the growing and changing innovation technology requirements of the market and realizing advanced surface processes, such as plasma treatment and UV-curing, able to reach high performance and low environmental impact.

New Testing Methods

Frequently a conventional analytic approach is not able to satisfy the technical data requirements and to underline the added value of a new product in comparison with a traditional one.
Centrocot researchers design and develop specific and advanced testing methods in order to characterize textile products with novel functionalization, to assess their innovative performances for new applications and to demonstrate their groundbreaking value.