Co-creation by DigiPrime: a digital tool to kick-start the circular economy

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The DigiPrime project is halfway through its third year of implementation. After the first years spent setting up the platform and services, it is now the turn of the partners in the various pilot cases to test the functionality and potential. Centrocot is leading the textile pilot and has selected some of the most interesting services for the sector.

One of them is the Co-Creation service: a useful tool for all companies that want to solve challenges or propose solutions, using a collaborative open innovation approach. The service is for all stakeholders who want to interact by giving and receiving feedback, ideas or suggestions on issues and challenges specific to their sector.

The tool also offers all users with creativity and specialised knowledge the opportunity to input their ideas to solve challenges, answer surveys or identify problems that hinder companies in their innovation process.

Users can create challenges by describing their needs or ideas, to propose innovations and solutions. They can interact with each other by proposing ideas for challenges, adding tags to mark content, providing feedback through polls, comments, likes and dislikes.

For example, a company might have a stock problem of fabric for car seats. Using the service, it can create a “challenge” that describes an issue using specific tags. Other users of the platform view the challenge and suggest their own solutions and/or services to solve the problem, such as recycling technology or reuse for other sectors. The company can then choose which solution best suits their interests and get in touch with the user, and they can continue the co-creation process supported by other platform services.

The Co-Creation service is just one of the many digital tools DigiPrime offers on its platform. Sharing problems and offering solutions is the first step to start the collaborative exploitation of the data on the platform and to create circular and sustainable businesses.

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Francesco Dellino

Multisectoral Research and Innovation

Author: Francesco Dellino

Multisectoral Research and Innovation Dept.