DETOX campaign

Eliminate hazardous substances by 2020 is rapidly spreading among brands and among the Italian companies operating at different points of the production chain. Also it is growing awareness of the competitive advantages offered by the strategies for a sustainable fashion and textiles.
Signing the DETOX commitment involves a considerable effort: it means allocate human and financial resources to that activity, share information on the tests carried out on products and process water, map the substances used in producing and identifying the problem, engage their network of suppliers in the necessary steps to the elimination of toxic chemicals by processes.
A commitment that involves businesses but also covers testing laboratories called to identify methods of investigation are able to verify the presence of chemicals with parameters that can ensure greater proximity to the requirement of the absence. A technique not by chance defined as “best technology”.
Centrocot has enhanced testing laboratory in terms of advanced equipment capable of reaching Detection Limit lower and lower, that increasingly values closer to “ZERO”, a skill now available to companies who want to commit to a more sustainable textile.