Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) system is a true environmental product label that falls within type 3 of the labels regulated by the ISO 14020 series of standards, in particular 14025. The EPD (or DAP, Environmental Product Declaration) is therefore a standardised instrument based on the quantification of the environmental impacts associated with the product throughout its life cycle, calculated using the Life Cycle Assessment methodology. To obtain this label, it is necessary to conduct a technical study in accordance with a series of rules defined Product Category Rules (PCR), specific to the product or service under consideration. This study is then checked by an independent verifier who verifies its truthfulness, credibility and compliance with the PCR that ensure comparability.

Being based on a comprehensive LCA analysis (cradle-to-grave), Environmental Product Declarations include information on environmental performance at every stage of the life cycle, from raw material acquisition, to the use of energy, to the use of material resources