UV Standard 801

To determine the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) it is necessary to use standardized measurement methods and specialized tests such as those performed by Centrocot, member of the International Test Association for UV Protection.
In order to provide consumers with a reliable UPF value, samples undergo specific stresses to mimic their end use.
For clothing, for example, the UV protection factor is largely influenced by the stretch of the fabric, by the impregnation with sweat or seawater and of course by wear and maintenance washes.This standard provides for the calculation of the UPF by carrying out measurements both on the new fabric and on the fabric subjected to the main conditions of use, i.e. tensioning, wetting, abrasion, water washing, dry cleaning (if applicable).The International Association for Applied UV Protection Test recommends the measurement of the UV protection factor according to the indications of the UV Standard 801 for all textiles.

The final UPF value, declared to the consumer, is the worst of those obtained after different stresses, thus providing the consumer with maximum reliability for the garment he wears.